2016 Formulation of the Second Shandong Province Tourism Development Master Plan – 2016-2025, China


ITC-A led a team mostly comprised of ITC-A associates to formulate the 2016-2025 Shandong Tourism Development Master Plan. The team was composed of 10 international experts and 3 national experts and provided a comprehensive and detailed master plan over 5 volumes including:

  • Volume 1:   Core Master Plan Document
  • Volume 2:   Shandong Tourism Development Master Plan, 2016-2025 -Maps
  • Volume 3:   Additional Research and Analysis
  • Volume 4:   Demonstration Projects
  • Volume 5:   Extended Executive Summary

The master plan was guided by China’s National Government’s policy and the priority developments and reforms explained in the ‘515 Strategy’ for Tourism Development in China and Shandong’s 13th 5-Year Plan.


A short video on the first stage of the master plan formulation process, the situation analysis: