Marketing strategy, operation and market research

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In a globalised commercial environment, marketing is key to ensure the success of destinations and tourism firms working in the sector. Clearly identifying target markets that will be attracted to the destination and positioning it with respect to its competitors are vital to strengthen the destination competitive advantage. These are fundamental pillars of strategic marketing along with developing a strong, recognisable and consistent brand. Tourism and destination marketing is evolving at a rapid rate with major technological advances and developments including the impact of the online paradigm shift. To complement the use of traditional marketing channels online presence and strategy, social media strategy, reputation management and effective customer relationship management are essential in this day-and-age to be successful in the marketplace.

ITC-A specialises in formulating marketing strategies for destinations (countries, regions, provinces and local areas) as well as for tourism firms. To complement the strategies, it produces operational marketing plans to implement the recommendations in short-term phases. The firm covers all aspects of marketing and collaborates with associates and other specialist firms to bring a holistic service to address strategic but also traditional and online tactical marketing requirements.

  • 2018, Belize, Central America: advising on product development in Corozal and Toledo, formulating marketing strategies and plans as well as identifying the appropriate positioning and branding to attract desired markets to Corozal and Toledo
  • 2017-2018 Yantai, Shandong Province, China: identification of the appropriate positioning for the different proposed tourism clusters and  formulation of a marketing plan for the area
  • 2017, Shandong and target markets:  Formulation of tourism destination marketing strategies for Shandong in key source markets: South Korea, Japan and Europe as a complement to the Shandong Tourism Development Master Plan, a comprehensive market research programme (face-to-face and online) was carried out in each of the target markets culminating is a detailed strategy to attract these markets.
  • 2015, Patiala, Punjab: ITC-A worked with a development planner and an infrastructure specialist to formulate a Destination Marketing Strategy for Patiala City and the greater Patiala Area as a component of the Punjab Master Plan implementation process (UNWTO, Government of Punjab)
  • 2014, Amritsar, Punjab: ITC-A worked with a development planner and an infrastructure specialist to formulate a Destination Marketing Strategy for the city of Amritsar and the greater Amritsar Area as a component of the Punjab Master Plan implementation process (UNWTO, Government of Punjab)
  • 2014, Punjab: Formulation of the tourism marketing strategy for Punjab – updating and expanding the marketing plan that was formulated in 2012/2013 (UNWTO, Government of Punjab)
  • 2014, Barbados (from UK): Market reserach for the Barbados Tourism Authority with tour operators in the UK and Germany to uncover the reasons why Barbados is losing market share (Inter-Amarican Development Bank – IDB)
  • 2014, Guyana: Creation of the Guyana Tourism Brand; in association with Acorn Tourism, ITC-A provided various inputs during the project (Inter-Amarican Development Bank – IDB)
  • 2013, Uganda: The Tourism Development Master Plan for Uganda; ITCA provided the marketing and promotion strategy (UNWTO, UNDP)
  • 2012/2013, Punjab, India: Implementation of the Punjab Tourism Master Plan; ITCA provided several marketing components over a 4 months period (UNWTO)
  • 2010, Jubail, Saudi Arabia: Feasibility Study for the Development of a New City Centre in Jubail City; ITCA provided the strategic marketing component in the study (Saudi Royal Commission, Wilbur Smith, Euasia)
  • 2010, Ghana, West Coast: Tourism Marketing/Product development Strategy for Ghana West Coast Region;  ITCA formulated the plan (UNWTO, RC)
  • 2010, Yiyang, Hunan Province, China: Development Plan for the Fish Shaped Mountain; ITCA provided the strategic marketing input on the project document; (Euasia)
  • 2008, Korça, Albania: Tourism Market Analysis and Tourism Marketing/Product Development Strategy for the Korca Region, South-East Albania; ITCA formulated the strategy (UNWTO, SNV)
  • 2008, Kvarnar, Croatia: Strategic Marketing Plan; ITCA provided advice on the formulation of the strategic marketing plan for Kvarnar (Province of Kvarner, Institute of Tourism, Zagreb)
  • 2007, Uttarakhand, India: Uttarakhand Sustainable Tourism Master Plan; ITCA provided the marketing and institutional components in the master plan formulation (UNWTO, UNDP)
  • 2007, Sri Lanka: Green Belt Tourism Infrastructure Redevelopment; ITCA provided the marketing input in the  plan (UNWTO, UNDP)
  • 2005/2006, based in UK for UNWTO in Spain: ITCA was commissioned to prepare the analysis chapter for three regions (Europe, Africa and the Americas) and for the ‘World’ volume of the then annual Market Trends publication (UNWTO)
  • 2002, based in UK for UNWTO in Spain: ITCA was commissioned to research the impacts of the Bali car bomb in October 2002 on tourism in the Asia Pacific region and the knock-on effects on tourism in the Middle East by interviewing stakeholders face-to-face, by email and by telephone (UNWTO)
  • 2002, Iran: Iran Tourism Master Plan; ITCA provided the strategic marketing input in the plan (UNWTO, UNDP)
  • 2001/2002, based in UK for the Cuban Government and MAZAR: ITCA was commissioned to research the British market and the profile of Cuba’s competitors in the British market (MAZAR)
  • 2000, Gibralter: ITCA provided the marketing elements of the study – identifying respondents, publicity – TV, radio and press – co-ordinated data collection with team leader of the Welsh Economics Research Group; collected data (The International Centre for Tourism and Hospitality Research – Bournemouth University)
  • 2000, Poole, UK: ITCA was asked to devise a set of research tools to monitor visitor profile, behaviour and impressions of the Poole Museum (Bournemouth University, Pool Museum Services)
  • 1998, Corsica, France: ITCA was commissioned to recommend marketing strategies to increase the air charter market to Corsica outside the high season (funded by the French Government with some funds from the European Union)
  • 1997, Kent and West Sussex, UK: ITCA was commissioned to conduct an economic impact analysis of the Tour de France Cycle Race. It reviewed the marketing and economic impacts on tourism of the international cycle race to provide information and recommendations based on the lessons learnt from the experiences of organising the 1994 tour in Southern England (Surrey Research Group; Dover District Council)
  • 1995, Fortaleza, Ceara, North East Brazil: Tourism Marketing Strategy for the State; ITCA was commissioned to advise the newly formed secretariat on developing the tourism industry in the most effective manner and on methods of attracting international tourists and investors (British Council)
  • 1992 to 1995, UK:  Visitor and Economic Impact Surveys; ITCA carried out various survey over the period and lead teams of researchers; (Dover District Council, Discovery East Kent, Kent and East Sussex County Councils, Surrey Research Group)
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Traditional dancing in Korça, Albania
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