ITC-A led Shandong Master Plan officially approved by the Provincial Government

The ITC-A led a team composed of 10 international experts and 3 national experts formulated the 2016-2025 Shandong Tourism Development Master Plan Approval, which was officially given by the Governors of Shandong Province.  The project took over a year to complete from scoping mission to final official approval.

This major plan will improve Shandong’s tourism offer, showcasing it’s excellent resources, cultural heritage and traditions to both domestic and international visitors, creating employment for the province’s 100 million population as well as supporting the efforts of other sectors in contributing to Shandong’s economy. It will guide the official provincial development strategy, which links into Central Government’s national tourism strategy and will be implemented by the Shandong Government and the province’s tourism stakeholders over the next 10 years.

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