Formulating a Management and Marketing Strategy for the Tianma Royal City Development, Yantai, Shandong, China

Marketing and Management strategy for the Tianma Royal City Development

Tianma Royal City Development becoming an arts, culture and senior tourism hub in the heart of Yantai Economic and Technological Economic Development Area (YEDA) will significantly contribute to an already vibrant and developing tourism sector in this district of Yantai.  Associates Euasia are planning the development of a site in Tianma Royal City to house the headquarters of the World Senior Tourism and Study Tour Congress, a 1,000 room 5 star hotel which will include revolving art exhibitions on a constant basis, an exposition centre where the 5 continents cultural centres will be located and other attractions and services to bring tourists. ITC-A provides management and marketing strategies to ensure the success of the development, its sustainability and profitability.

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