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The objective of this IFC-World Bank funded project is to fill a knowledge gap on the shape, size and characteristics of current tourism market segments to Senegal. In addition, it will identify new segments with growth potential and prepare future projections for these segments and their value. The output of the analysis will inform the design of technical assistance program in Senegal of USD800,000, led by the IFC. This will result in private sector investments of at least USD 8 million of investment opportunities to attract the most likely high-growth and high-yield markets.


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Working with marketing expert from Shanghai, Sheung Wang, on the UNWTO-led Tourism Development Master Plan for Heilongjiang, ITC-A is commissioned to prepare the marketing strategy recommendations on the plans as well as advising on institutional aspects and operational activities and actions. The project will be completed in February 2020, after the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival.

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Product development, marketing and branding strategy

through the development of tourist corridors and trails in the emerging destinations of Corozal and Toledo

ITC-A will provide the marketing and branding strategy input on this associated firm Acorn-led project. The aim is to develop tourist corridors and trails in the emerging destinations of Corozal and Toledo through product development and formulating a marketing and branding strategy.

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The project will support the local tourism Destination Development Plans in Corozal and Toledo to develop one market ready tourism corridor in each district, by identifying product clusters that can create attractive and accessible nature (eco and adventure) and cultural (living culture and cultural heritage) tourist trails.

These product clusters will take account of the environmental and cultural context of each district and will include rural and urban assets. They will involve the participation of lower income citizens and marginalised communities to integrate them into the tourism economy and will focus on empowering local stakeholder leadership.

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Tourism demand assessment for the Myiek Archipelago

IFC aims to assist the Government of Myanmar in building the overall rationale for targeted tourism development planned on the 800 islands off the coast southern Myanmar in the Andaman Sea. With this in mind, it has commissioned ITC-A to conduct a tourism demand assessment for the Myiek Archipelago in Tanintharyi.


The assignment will produce an assessment of current (‘state of play’) and projected (‘forward-look’) tourism demand for  for the destinations of Tanintharyi. It will provide a baseline for the structure and value of current tourism demand.

Given the current situation in Myanmar, this project is on hold.


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